BAGHDAD AL-KHADRA General Trading Co Ltd.
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 QEG was established in 1961 as a contracting construction company by the late Mr. Ali Salih Al-Qaisi (father of the present group owners and members of the board). As the scientific horizon of the industrial and commercial businesses were expanded and escalated rapidly, the primary objectives of the group aimed from the very early stages to submit special & qualified services in both implementing and supplying of contracts by following the best reliable and practical engineering fundamentals. The results of this scope of work were fruitful and have contributed in the development and growing of the group activities and fostering greater confidence in all the Iraqi governorates.

As any developed international group, QEG has been directed from the beginning toward specialization in the fields of design, supply and execution of specific projects like water and waste water treatment projects. The group then expanded its works by establishing new companies specialized in oil & natural gas projects, execution of large agricultural projects, engineering testing, trading activities and transports & marine services. Latterly, the activities of the group extended to the regional and neighboring countries like UAE and Jordan, and it has now bureaus and local companies in these countries.

Presently, QEG activities comprise all aspects of works, and it has all the necessary capabilities for the execution & completion of projects on a (Turnkey) basis. Now the main objective of the group is to share and help in the reconstruction & rehabilitation of the Iraqi infrastructures especially in the fields of building new water and waste water treatment plants, irrigation projects, oil & gas projects, energy generation as well as supplying all the required machines, equipments and materials to these projects. The group also spends great efforts to preserve the high standards of the engineering and technical staff to follow-up and implement the international development of all fields especially in planning and management fields in order to fulfill the growing needs and demands of the markets.