BAGHDAD AL-KHADRA General Trading Co Ltd.


  BAGHDAD AL-KHADRA General Trading Co Ltd. (KB)

was established in 2004 to meet the excessive demands for different kinds of equipments and materials in the Iraqi markets. The head office is located in Baghdad-Iraq, and has branches in other governorates and neighboring countries. (KB) main goal is to supply the Iraqi Ministries and Establishments with their needs for equipments &materials. It works jointly with other companies to rebuild the Iraqi infrastructure and participates actively in other reconstruction programs. Presently, (KB) is involved mainly in the development of the Iraqi oil & gas industry.  It plays an active role in the procurement and supplying of wide range of products & equipments to this industry as well as to other industries such as power generation, water & wastewater treatment, petrochemical industry…etc.

(KB) represents major international manufacturers and suppliers, and is usually involved in joint ventures investment projects. A highly qualified staff and dedicated professionals oversees this area of the business with customer service being a priority. For the sake of a fast growth, (KB) has built some good relationship with well-known companies in both fields of project construction and materials supply.