BAGHDAD AL-KHADRA General Trading Co Ltd.




Our Sectors !
 The principal items traded by (KB) includes, but not limited to, products for the
     following Sectors:

v Oil and Gas Industry

v Industries

v Water & Wastewater Treatment

v Construction Materials

v Electricity Generation & Transmission

v Quality Control, Testing & Scientific Labs

v Irrigation and Agricultural 


v Food Stuff Trading

And all other sub-systems and equipment miscellaneous, such as Control systems, Field instrumentations, Safety, Security systems, Communication systems and Environment protection. And our company has its sources of suppliers, the client’s vendor lists are always taken into consideration for more cooperative with them.

Oil and Gas Equipments


   Oil and Gas field is one of BAGHDAD AL-KHADRA's most interesting types of work. This interest didn't come from nothing, but in fact it came from the good experience of the company's founders in this field, which stands at the forefront of the rest of expertise. Complete units, Systems and Large devices are meant by the word (Equipments) rather than simple or small machines. (KB) can supply the following systems for the Oil and Gas industry:


    · Various Refining & Treatment Units

    · Oil & Gas Tanks

    · Oil and Gas Pipelines Transportation

    · Pumping Stations

    · Degassing Station

    · Pipes & Pipe Fittings

    ·Valves & Pumps , Boilers

    · Reactors , Heat Exchangers , Coolers 

    · Laboratory Equipments

    · Fire Fighting and Safety Equipments











  • Cement plant
  • Control system for cement plant
  • Development of process system
    of cement plant
  • Precast concrete plant
  • Patching plant ü Blocks making machine
  • Hallow core slab plant

Water & Wastewater Treatment


  • Multipurpose projects
  • Dams and associated hydraulic structures
  • Groundwater research and development
  • Water supply for urban and rural areas


Electricity Generation & Transmission

The electric equipments represent all devices needed by the power generation plants a power transportation and distribution. (BK)  is specialized in trading medium & high voltage electrical equipments. It continuously adopts the procurement of new equipments from its relations with big companies in the industrial countries all over the world. All our supplied equipments enjoy high reputation among the customers because of high quality and competitive prices. In general, (BK) is capable to supply a wide range of plants for power generation and transportation as well as their devices such as, but not limited to:

We, (BK) sincerely welcome the new and old customers to cooperate with us. Once you cooperate with us one time, you will know we are the best one and we are your best partner.

Irrigation and Agricultural Development

§  Irrigation and drainage systems

§  Integrated area development

§  Sociological / socio-economic studies

§  Soil & land survey

§  Agricultural development and research

§  Agricultural services

§  Institutional development


Lab Devices & Equipment

  (BK) can present to the customer what they need from Laboratory devices and equipment such as:

§  Physical Labs covering wide range of equipments and instrumentations such as Pressure test, Temperature test, Weight test, Level test… etc.
§  Water Testing equipments
§  Quality Control labs

§  Scientific labs
§  Medical labs
§  All kinds of Chemicals